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Open Water Diver


Open Water Diver is the course that will make you a certified diver.  As a certified diver you are able to have air tanks filled and dive on your own anywhere in the world to a depth of 60 feet.


The course involves training in the classroom, the pool, and in open water, which generally consists of either a lake or the ocean.  Classroom training involves lectures and videos which will help you to understand the physical and physiological effects of diving, as well as diving safety.


Pool training consists of 5 pool dives.  During each pool session you will learn and then demonstrate several diving techniques.  Each pool session builds upon what you learned in the classroom and in previous sessions.  At the conclusion of the 5 pool dives, you will be prepared to perform the techniques learned in the open water.  There will be 4 open water dives.  During each dive you will demonstrate the techniques previously learned in the pool.  After completion of the 4 open water dives, as well as the successful passing of a written exam, you will be a certifed diver.


The duration of this class is approximately 5 days.  There are no prerequisites.

Mask Clearing
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