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Lake Mead Weather Conditions


Lake Mead is located in the desert at the southern tip of Nevada along the northwestern edge of Arizona.  As such air temparatures vary from 100+ degrees in the daytime summer months to the low 20's and 30's at night in the winter.  Winter daytime temperatures are generally in the mid 50's to mid 60'.  The best weather is in the fall.  It is typically windy in the spring, although the past few years have been windy for much of the summer months as well.  Since Lake Mead is quite large there is a great surface area over which the winds can blow.  The higher the wind speed and the longer the duration of winds can lead to some rough lake conditions.  However, even on windy days there are coves or walls to tuck in behind that can somewhat shield the wind, although getting to them can sometimes be tough due to heavy seas.  Winds are generally out of the south in the summer and from the northwest in the winter.



Month     Avg. Temp.  High / Low 

Jan.                     58 / 39

Feb.                    63 / 43

Mar.                   71 / 48

Apr.                    79 / 55

May                    90 / 65

Jun.                   100 / 74 

Jul.                    106 / 81

Aug.                 103 / 79

Sep.                   96 / 71

Oct.                    82 / 59

Nov.                   67 / 47

Dec.                   57 / 38

Month   Avg. Precipitation


Jan.                       0.83

Feb.                      1.09

Mar.                     0.81

Apr.                      0.24

May                      0.10  

Jun.                       0.10

Jul.                        0.62

Aug.                      0.64

Sep.                      0.34

Oct.                       0.52

Nov.                      0.49

Dec.                      0.76

Click on the link below to see the current conditons at Lake Mead

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