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Lake Mead Dive Sites

Lake Mead has many dive sites.  However, unless you have a boat you cannot reach most of them.  A  summary of a few of the dive sites that the lake has to offer are shown below.

Kingman Wash

Kingman Wash is one of the few sites that can be accessed with a car or truck.  It is located past the Arizona side of the Hoover Dam.  It is a favorite among dive shops for teaching since it is readily accessible.  The bottom is mostly silt that can cause visibility to be very poor.  Divers have placed items such as plastic skeltons for divers to enjoy. A bouyancy course has also been established there.  Algae and shallow plants often grow along the edge bringing small fish and a few larger ones to view.

Wreck Alley
Wreck Alley is located on the eastern side of Sentinel Island.  As many as seven boat wrecks are present there.  Due to the lower lake level some of these are now accessible to recreational divers.   Others are only reachable by technical divers due to their depths which could be up to 300 feet.

The Narrows are located between the southeast arm of the lake and the central three-arm connection point of the lake.  The narrows contain numerous canyons that offer spectacular geologic formations and an abundance of fish. 

B-29 Bomber

The B-29 bomber was lost in a plane accident in 1948.  Fortunately, all of the crew survived.  The mission was classified; therefore, the accident was not known to the public for over 50 years.  The bomber is off limits at this time to divers except with a permit.  Due to the depth of the plane one must be a technical diver or advanced Nitrox certified. However lowering lake levels may soon bring the bomber into the limits of recreational diving.

PBY Plane Wreck

The PBY crashed in 1949 and two of it's crew members perished and were never recovered.  The plane is split into two sections.  At this time it is located at a depth only accessible to technical divers.  The wreck site is located in the Boulder Basin northwest of the Boulder Islands.

Aggregate Piles

The Aggregate Piles are remnants of the Hoover Dam construction.  Portions of the aggregate plants remains are present and due to the lowering of the lake's water level is now accessible to recreational divers.  The Aggregate Piles are located to the north of the Boulder Islands.  These are very large structures.

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