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Free Lessons for Wounded Warriors and for Autistic Individuals


As a former Marine, I am offering free Open Water Diver lessons to any wounded warrior who continues to suffer from a combat related physical injury or from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  It is my way of giving back to those who have bravely fought for our country.  Whether one believes or not in the cause for which they fought, those men and women who have sacrificed themselves physically and/or mentally deserve everything that their fellow citizens can offer them.   For without their sacrifices, we could never enjoy the freedoms that we have today.


As the father of an autistic son, I am offering free Open Water Diver lessons to anyone who has learning disabilities such as Autism.  Since learning to dive requires the ability to communicate, there will obviously be autistic persons who may not be able to participate with this offer, and for that we are truly sorry.  However, those autistic individuals with Asperger Syndrome or Pervasive Development Disorder have a greater ability to function and would likely qualify to participate.


Although our normal class size may include up to 4 students at a time, our classes for physically injured wounded warriors and for autistic persons are typically taught on an individual one on one basis.  This is done to accomodate the physical limitations of the wounded warrior or the learning impairment of the person with autism.  Everyone's needs are different.  We have to focus on tailoring the learning experience to each individuals special needs.   


All classes for diving require the student to list any physical limitations or conditions that may prevent them from participating. When any limitation may be present it is required that the student obtain permission from a doctor prior to starting any class.  This is a PADI rule and must be strictly adhered to.  Obviously physically wounded warriors and autistic individuals would require a doctor's approval prior to being qualified to participate.  If interested in taking a class, please contact us to obtain the necessary documentation for the doctor.


We understand that not everyone who participates will be able to meet all of the requirements necessary to become a certified diver.  We will start each student in the Discover Diver program in order to determine if it is safe to continue forward.  If it is determined to be safe we will continue with the lessons until we have completed the class, or we reach a point at which the student cannot continue safely.  Student safety is of upmost importance.


We will provide the lessons, and supply the dive equipment and the lesson materials for use in the class at no charge to the student.  If the student successfully completes the class there is a 25 dollar charge for the PADI PIC form which is necessary to obtain a certification card from PADI.  The 25 dollars is what PADI charges us for the PIC form.  We do not profit from it.




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