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Emergency First Response


The Emergency First Response Class is a mandatory supplemental class if you are becoming a Rescue Diver.  However, it can be taken as a stand alone class for anyone whether they are a diver or not.  It is similar to a CPR class from the standpoint that it includes the latest in CPR training.  However, the class involves much more than just CPR.  In this class you will learn the use of and how to apply an AED (Artificial Electronic Defibulator).  You will also learn how to evaluate a persons condition to identify possible life threatening conditions such as heat stroke.  Proper bandaging and splinting techniques will also be taught.    The class can be taken by anyone over the age of 10.  Various sizes of mannequins are used so that the you can learn how to apply CPR and AED procedures to adults, youth, and infants.  Completion of this class will provide you the ability to provide medical assistance to a patient prior to the arrival of medical professionals.  The techniques you learn in this class may save lives someday.


The duration of this class is 1 day.  There are no prerequisites.

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