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Have you ever thought about working in the diving profession?  If you have then becoming a Divemaster is the first step in that process.  As a Divemaster you have the ability to assist with diving instruction.  You are also able to work as a dive guide anywhere in the world.  Dive operations in the South Pacific, the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, and elsewhere employ Divemasters to act as guides during diving activities.  Dive instructors use Divemasters to assist during pool and open water teaching.  Often times the Divemasters work independently with students who may be struggling with a particular technique.  This allows the instructor to move forward with the the remainder of the students without leaving the struggling student behind.  Divemasters assist instructors underwater by monitoring students allowing the instructors to maintain their focus on a particular student who is performing tasks.


To be eligible as a Divemaster candidate, a diver must have logged a minimum of 40 dives by the beginning of the class.  During the Divemaster Class the Divemaster student will assist instructors in both pool and open water sessions.  Additionally, the Divemaster student will demonstrate his or her competency in 24 diving skills.  Timed and non-timed events such as swimming, snorkeling, diver tows, underwater gear exchanges, and treading water with and without hands must be performed.  Certification as a Divemaster makes a diver a diving professional.  If desired a Divemaster may then work towards becoming an Instructor or Assistant Instructor.


The duration of this class is dependent upon the schedules of the instructor and student.  It can take weeks or be spread over months depending upon how much time the student has available to dedicate toward the class.  We will work to accomodate the students schedule.  The prerequisites are certification as a Rescue Diver and a minimum of 40 logged dives.

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