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Dive Operator Reviews


When traveling to new localities it is wise to read reviews posted by persons who have utilized the diving operators there.  We too read reviews.  However, based upon our own experience we have found that some operators who have a good rating should not, while some with lesser quality reviews should be rated higher.  The reason for this is often due to a divers expectations.  From our own evaluation of others reviews, we have come to the conclusion that many of the negative reviews are due to the let down from the diver's excessive expectations.  On the other hand, many of the good reviews are due to novice divers who may be experiencing some of their first dives and have nothing to judge the operator on except for their own new thrill of diving.  The diving experience was great to which they credit the operator, thus giving them a good review.  They may have been oblivious to some of the operator's shortcomings due to their own inexperience.  Even dive magazines cannot necessarily be fully trusted.  This is because if the magazines were too harsh on dive operators, they would no longer be invited to review them and would then lose their all expense paid vacations that they get when doing the reviews.  Understanding these problems with the reviewers, we felt that it was a good idea to provide our own reviews of the operators because we can provide an impartial review based upon what we as diving professionals know should be taking place.  We eliminate the bias, the false expectations, and don't miss their shortcomings.


This page is dedicated to providing an honest review to dive operations in localities that we have visited recently.

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