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Adventure Diver


Now that you are a certified diver, what do you do next?  Maybe you aren't sure what you can do as a diver.  The Adventure Diver class can introduce you to new diving adventures and techniques to expand your diving skills and knowledge.  An Adventure Diver is considered an intermediate diver as they have learned skills beyond the basic skills taught in the Open Water Diver Class.  During this class you will make 3 dives from among the following types of dives.  The 3 dives may be applied to certification as an  Advanced Open Water Diver.


Altitude Diving

Aware - Fish Identification

Boat Diving

Deep Diving

Drift Diving

Multi Level Diving

Night Diving

Peak Performance Bouyancy

Search and Recovery

Underwater Naturalist

Underwater Navigation

Underwater Photography

Underwater Videography

Wreck Diving



The duration of this class is 2 to 3 days.  The minimum prerequisite is certification as an Open Water Diver.

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